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I am an enthusiastic professional and passionate about the study of organizations, focused on people and processes.

I specialize in management based on ISO standards, business (b2b and b2c sales) and digital marketing.

I can approach the planning, direction, organization, integration and control of campaigns, processes and projects of organizational transformation, business and even design.

Tel. +598 92 898 699

ISO standards | Business Development | Digital Marketing | E-Commerce | Management Systems | Sales and Logistics Software, ERP, CRM and WMS | Digital Transformation | Montevideo


Apr 2021 - Present
Montevideo, Uruguay

I am a Commercial Manager at Gecos Transformación Digital, a management consultancy.

In this role I specialize in strategy and sales, in Inbound Marketing and in the implementation of technologies for the automation and integration of processes. My mission is to lead the commercial development of the company. My vision is to transform our firm into a dominant force within the national technological arena and transcend the country's borders with our value proposition.

The mission of our organization is to increase the productivity of companies and reduce their costs, designing and implementing integrated and automated management systems; Additionally, we develop software solutions for sales, distribution and mobile warehouses, as well as Business Intelligence, Livestock Administration and Real Estate Management applications and E-Commerce pages.

In the field of management, Digital Transformation and marketing, we have a network of allies capable of solving any management and business development need.

I can be contacted for any query related to business development, business processes and commercial strategy, quality management, process analysis and management based on ISO standards, as well as everything related to integrated management, digitization and transformation projects.


I founded and lead an enterprise in the area of lodging, which I have maintained and improved, providing a customer-focused service, in order to produce pleasant co-living experiences. I have experience hosting international tourists, handling different languages (Portuguese, English, a bit of German and of course my native Spanish) and developing the activities that naturally arise in this area. The main skill that I have developed with this activity is, more than having clients, having friends and being able to understand their needs, as well as their ways of seeing life.


May 2016 - Jan 2017
Montevideo, Uruguay

I developed quality control according to ACER parameters for the Brazilian market, supervising a team of 200 technicians. I applied a strong focus to processes, providing the service with a strong standardization, as well as a marked focus on the client, establishing requirements for effective communication and systematic approach to their needs.


My main mission in the company was to get potential clients (Prospecting PComercial - Marketing). Additionally, I developed business management activities in corporate sales and established business alliances that led to sales for the office where I worked. The main skill that I have developed through this task is the ability to actively approach the potential customer of the services offered by the company. Likewise, I have improved my discursive skills, my negotiation skills and high-level relationship skills. As relevant knowledge, at a commercial level, I have incorporated B2B marketing and sales tools, as well as a detailed knowledge of the commercial process and the corporate sales cycle. As a corollary of my time in the office, I was offered a participation in it as an associate, which is evidence of the degree of commitment with which I developed my relationship with an organization for which I feel a deep admiration and to which I poured great enthusiasm. My transition to another company was due to a need for professional evolution that was postponed and that my new occupation fully resolved.


Secondary teacher for 5th and 6th year. It was a rewarding experience working alongside young people, some of whom had brilliant thoughts. Clearly I was enriched by the contribution of the boys, at a time when I was making my first weapons in teaching, I who being a graduate I have more of a student mentality than a teacher. I will go back to teaching, to return to society what invested in my academic training.


Jan 2017 - May 2019
Montevideo, Uruguay

Here I learned the importance of customer focus for a large company. I was a customer service representative at and Working with the Spanish Amazon market was an impressive experience, the compliance culture that the Spanish have gives you great lessons when you come into contact with it. I also represented the company for the Brazilian market as the company entered that market, with Brazil being one of my favorite countries: another great work experience.