GMTS | GestCON Mobile Tracking System

GMTS | GestCON Mobile Tracking System

What is GMTS?


GestCON Mobile Tracking System (GMTS) is a roadmap planning system, distribution operations, tracking monitoring and order delivery for cargo units that execute local distribution operations and other logistics movements.


This technology uses Google geolocation to establish the position of each transport unit in real time, generating analytics of its performance.





GMTS is a full web and mobile software solution that allows the planning, execution and control of distribution operations, monitoring the operation of each transport unit and its order deliveries in real time through mobile GPS geolocation.


The person in charge of a transport fleet may assign the tasks to be carried out,  establishing the corresponding requirements and controlling compliance with them through a control panel that you can see both on your desktop and on your cell phone.


From a formal point of view, the system relates orders to transport units and customers, producing roadmaps and performance analytics that are presented in the system's control panel:

  • More efficient routes

  • Real time position

  • Running time

  • Speed  

    • half

    • maximum 

    • minimal

  • Standby time

  • Fuel consumption

  • Deliveries

    • Destiny 

    • Receiver

    • Slopes

    • Completed 

    • Totals





  • Greater efficiency in distribution planning and your roadmaps

  • Control in the performance of the transport units and in the performance of the operators who drive them

  • Efficiency in meeting distribution objectives

  • Reduction in operating costs based on the control of the performance of resources

  • Digitization of the merchandise delivery process, reducing the costs of administrative reprocessing of these operations in the office

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