Misión, Visión y Valores | GestCON Consultoría en Gestión | Montevideo Uruguay


Implement standardized management systems and digital solutions to improve the processes of companies and other organizations.


Educate people to transform the organizations that they integrate into factors of social development, justice, inclusion and economic progress.


Integrity: we organically integrate the positive (ethical) human qualities of generosity, service, discipline, organization, love for the truth and for a job well done.


Honesty and coherence: it is an indispensable requirement for the reliability of human relations and to maintain the consistency of the discourse, as well as the unity of strategic action.


Learning culture: the capacity for logical analysis and problem solving must be increased systematically. This increases versatility and adaptability in a dynamic environment.


Tenacity: tireless pursuit of the objectives established to make the organization and the companies and people with whom we collaborate grow.


Continuous improvement with a culture of constant learning and tenacity focused on objectives.


Social responsibility: the company is part of the social network; As such, given that all the resources it obtains come from society, it has the obligation to return an added value that promotes social development.


Total quality: our work philosophy is based on an approach to processes and people through the fulfillment of requirements. Good results are the product of good previous work, processes, and this ensures valuable relationships between people.


Organizational approach: we bring a novelty, a global vision of the operating complex that a company represents. We are in a position to integrate the regulatory aspect with relevant management and strategy aspects. This means that we approach our contribution to companies from a holistic approach, which conceives the company as a complex whole where our contribution of value must fit with the needs of the organization and its direction.