Web Design and Development Process 

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Phase 1 - Requirements Analysis

Definition of objectives and functional requirements.

Phase 2 - Planning

We prepare the site map, establish the scope of the project and select the technology to use.

Phase 3 - Design

Visual section of the site, communication strategy, color palette and graphic identity.  

Phase 4 - Contents

Writing texts, including images, videos with optimization for the web and search engine optimization (SEO).  

Phase 5 - Development

Site development using modern content management technologies and HTML programming, ensuring user experience and responsiveness of the site.

Phase 6 - Testing

Testing to ensure that everything works correctly.

Phase 7 -  Launching

Launch and constant monitoring to avoid technical failures or make any adjustments.


It is also necessary to maintain the website not only in technical matters but also in updating content.


Proceso de desarrollo web | GestCON | Montevideo, Uruguaay