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Sistema de Gestión de Depósitos / Almacenes | Smart Warehouse WMS | GestCON Consultoría en Gestión Montvideo Uruguay

It is a software to manage the operations of a deposit.


This system solves the operations with the merchandise linked to the warehouse sectors integrating processes, people, infrastructures and systems.

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Smart Warehouse is a warehouse management system that works fully integrated into your company's management system, automating warehouse operations and eliminating the back office of reprocessing related information.

Warehouse Management System


What is it?

A WMS or warehouse management system is software to manage the operations carried out with the goods within a warehouse. It allows integrating warehouse, personnel and infrastructure processes.

What operations does it manage?

Inbound operations

  • Location management

  • Cross-docking

  • Replacement and Consolidation Management

  • Merchandise reception

Stock control operations

  • Location management

  • Stock status management

  • Calculation of rotation of the articles

  • Count and inventory

Exit operations

  • Preparation

  • Picking processes

  • Labeling of shipments

  • Documentation of expeditions

  • Loading of shipments in vehicles

  • Communication to the ERP of the closure of the expedition


Which has benefits?

It is a powerful management tool that normalizes operations, facilitates the distribution of work and warehouse control, reduces costs and risks, optimizes the performance of operators and supervisors, provides efficiency in time and volume of work, as well as increases efficiency in the use of resources.